It's more than a Floor.

It's the service behind it.

Zoche is service.

If you are looking to establish a long-term sports flooring provider, the service behind each floor matters just as much as the floor itself. Zoche not only provides the best sports floors on the market, but we also provide the best support. Contact us to add a flooring MVP to your sports flooring roster.

Behind Every Surface

When you need a floor, how do you decide which one to choose? Obviously, the floor itself makes a difference. Does it fit your design? Is it made for heavy traffic? Features are certainly important, but so is the service behind the floor. Can you trust your supplier to be impartial? Will they support you if there is a problem?

At Zoche, you matter most. We provide quality flooring from top manufacturers, but our commitment to you goes beyond that. Zoche backs each floor with unrivaled support and reliability. It is our service that makes us a “go to” flooring source for so many. What’s behind the surface matters and Zoche is behind every surface. 

What We do Best

Zoche provides a wide variety of flooring surfaces, for sports and other applications. These are just a few of the spaces where we supply and install some of the industry’s best flooring.

Basketball and Volleyball Gym Floors

Portable Turf and Basketball courts

Multipurpose Gym Floors and Athletic Facilities

School and Classroom Floors

Fitness Centers and Weight Room Floors

Playgrounds and Landscape tiles

How We Serve

Zoche works with architects, athletic directors, educators, facility managers, church administrators, and gym owners. If you value the sports and physical activity, we are here to help you find the right sports floor or flooring surface to meet your goals. Zoche is located in Burleson, Texas and serves facilities across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Mexico, and surrounding areas. We are an AIA Continuing education provider serving the architectural community with educational courses on flooring and installation.

Are you ready for industry leading floors and service?

Zoche is a flooring provider with a reputation for service that goes above and beyond. If you are ready to experience working with the industry’s best, contact us to schedule a meeting.