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  • Long-lasting durability and tear resistance
  • Helps prevent flooring failures
  • Helps protect against mold, moisture, and soil gases
  • Light weight rolls for easy residential installations
  • Available in 10 mil, 15 mil, and 20 mil
  • Extremely low water vapor permeance
  • 15 mil StegoHome vapor barrier is less than 0.01 perm
  • Low vapor permeance maintained after conditioning testing
  • Excellent tensile and puncture strength (ASTM E1745 Class A)
  • Radon diffusion coefficient testing
  • Zero VOCs emissions
  • Stego Tape is certified Clean Air GOLD for VOC emissions
  • 12’ wide for minimal seams

Everyone knows that good homes start with a good foundation. A strong vapor barrier, like StegoHome, is essential to creating that good foundation. Since 1998, Stego has produced the construction industry’s best low permeance barrier for the prevention of mold, moisture, and radon gas. The benefits of a Stego vapor barrier also include a more stable flooring installation, with fewer problems related to hygroscopic pressure. Zoche offers 10 mil, 15 mil, and 20 mil thicknesses for residential applications, both of which are light weight and extremely durable.


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10 mil, 15 mil, 20 mil


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