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  • Available in 5′ x 200′ and 14′ x 100′ rolls
  • Available in 6 mil, 10 mill, and 15 mil thicknesses
  • Light weight rolls for easy residential installation
  • Class 1 vapor retarder
  • Extremely low permeance less than 0.010 perms
  • Strong puncture resistance
  • Zero VOC emissions
  • Made in the USA

StegoCrawl is a complete solution for crawl space encapsulation designed with an extremely low water vapor permeance. It is available in light weight 5′ x 200′ and 14′ x 100′ rolls for easy installation in residential crawl spaces. StegoCrawl Wrap exceeds building code requirements for a Class 1 vapor retarder to cover the ground and walls in crawl spaces.


Polyolefin Resin




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10 mil, 15 mil, 6 mil


StegoCrawl Wrap Vapor Retarder 6 mil Data Sheet

StegoCrawl Wrap Vapor Retarder 10 mil Data Sheet

StegoCrawl Wrap Vapor Barrier 15 mil Data Sheet

StegoCrawl Installation Instructions