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Ergo Advantage Anti-Microbial Tile

  • Anti-fatigue mat for comfort
  • Anti-microbial treatment to prevent mold and mildew
  • Open surface interlocking tile for drainage
  • For use in wet workspaces
  • Made from recycled PVC

Workers who stay on their feet for most of the day need a comfortable and safe flooring surface. Ergo Advantage manufactures a variety of interlocking tiles that reduce fatigue over long periods of time by compressing under weight. Ergo Advantage Anti-Microbial Tile is an anti-fatigue mat with an open surface for use in wet workspaces. In addition, this tile contains an anti-microbial treatment to inhibits the grown of mold and mildew. Improve your workspace with an Ergo Advantage anti-fatigue solution from Zoche.

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