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Lumaflex Elite


  • Made with birch plywood and shock absorbing cushion
  • Class 5 force reduction for comfort and safety
  • Perfect for dance and other high impact activities like aerobics
  • Combines with Tarkett Sports’ Omnisports and PolyTurf

Flooring decisions almost always involve trade-offs. In the case of sports floors, compromise tends to involve “force reduction vs. consistent performance.” But with Lumaflex Elite, a combo-elastic system from Tarkett Sports, you can have it all. Lumaflex Elite has maximum force reduction (Class 5) and near perfect uniformity in performance. It is easier to maintain than hardwoods and provides exceptional comfort and support for competitive athletes of all levels. Lumaflex can be combined with most resilient sports surfaces offered by Zoche, including: Omnisports, PolyTurf Plus, and others.

Force Reduction

Class 5


Tarkett Sports




Omnisports 3.5 mm, Compact 2.0 mm, PolyTurf Plus 4+2, PolyTurf Plus 7+2


Brochure – LumaflexCompact 2-0 Lumaflex Elite Technical Data

Omnisports 3-5 Lumaflex Elite Technical Data

PolyTurf Plus Pad and Pour 4+2 Lumaflex Elite Technical Data

PolyTurf Plus Pad and Pour 7+2 Lumaflex Elite Technical Data